Friday, March 13, 2009

Helpful women!

Today I went to have lunch with the girls in David Cook's class at the Girls Preparatory School (GPS). I cannot tell all of you how impressed I am with these young women. After visiting my studio about three weeks ago to speak with me about the project and the dilemmas I am facing, I mentioned that i was interested in doing some "guerrilla marketing" to get a wider range of people  in the community involved. 
Wouldn't you know, about a week later, and after several precious thank you cards, one of the girls, Maria Stratienko emailed me asking if her and her classmates could help out in getting the word spread. I met with them all for lunch, and they had TONS of brilliant ideas. And these girls are so well versed and open minded, it made me truly proud to see such young individuals interacting on this level with their community. 
So, Chattanooga, beware! The GPS girls have some tricks up their sleeves you should all be seeing soon! 

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