Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Street Paintin'

Ok... here are the two head sketches I did outside today..... they were each exactly an hour. I had SO much fun. I parked myself in front of the library and just asked this guy if he wanted to make a quick $20 by posing for me for an hour, right there. Someone definitely put a flame under my ass for that hour, I assure you! It is so intoxicating to paint quickly from life!! I threw down a lot of color, and some of my drawing suffered along the way. But you gotta start somewhere, right? Then I got another woman to pose for me for one hour.... she was really into it. I've got a lot of work to do, but just practicing is so, so much fun. If I could plan my own future and life, I would just travel for 8 months a year painting people in their environments in other countries (and this one), and then spend the other 4 months trying to sell them all to pay for the next trip. Yup, that's what I would do. Paint from life EVERY day. Plus you meet the coolest people.... I was a little intimidated at first, walking around with my easel and hat and overalls, but once I found some nice people, I loosened up and just listened. Some people have seriously hard lives..... the guy, Wes, has 5 kids and he is younger than me. And he is a Muslim, which he said gets tricky here in Chattanooga and just generally the South. He was SO friendly. 
I can't wait to do more! I think I need to start paying less, though, or else I'm going to go broke by next week :)

Sketches of Chattanooga

Hello, everyone! I am writing (after, oh, way too long) to inform everyone that I am adding an additional part to my project. 
Since picking 9 people in the Chattanooga community is proving to be very challenging (there are WAY too many interesting characters here...), I have decided to paint quick oil sketches of whomever would like to sit for me. I will be setting up in different venues throughout the summer to paint anyone who is willing to give me an hour of their time. The portraits will be free of charge, but I will hold on to them until I have my final exhibit. After the exhibit, the portraits will be given to each sitter. 
I will be listing the where and whens this week, so please check in!!! I hope to see some of you soon!